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Behind #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown


Facebook and Instagram is down fro more than 8 h. This influences billions people which is using their service. What is reason behind this mess? let find out

1. weather

The First possibility is Weather. Storm in east america since monday affecting worse networking trouble for few big company. Problem not only for online, but also offline corporation

2. Hacking

The second scenario is hacking activity. This clue is surprising most people as facebook is known to be very secure.

Thispossibility is risen after a group of hacker named their team as LizardSquad posting Facebookdown (and other service).

LizardSquad is a group from finland which is attacked Malaysian Airlines time ago before posting Malaysian Air Line is Down, pretty simillar like Facebook. Android Central sure there s an DDOS on facebook main server.

3. Failure on Internal System

This is the most rational reason, failure on internal system caused by system upgrade or maintenance. This possibilities also broken the “Hacking” scenario mentioned above.

Facebook often performs silently upgrade/update their service without known by their user. Usually everything went smooth, but it s not always perfectly run as planned.

However, if only update/upgrade cause this error and down. Facebook can always easily revert it. And ofcourse they have virtual environment for develop and test before apply to real service.

What the most rational reason for you?

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